Created On:  19 October 2009


When the project is instrumented for the error detection, the performance of the project slows down. One way to improve the performance is to exclude the files at runtime, by unselecting the options in modules and files. But, these files are excluded only in runtime memory analysis or active check analysis. But this does not help, when the project is instrumented and when we are doing the final check.


One way to improve the performance is by compiling certain project in an application with instrumentation turned on. This is helpful when it contains multiple projects in it. If this does not help, then you might have to exclude the certain instrument files in the project. This can be achieved using the NMCL command from the command line. More details are available in the help files for the devpartner studio.

But, from the visual studio IDE you can use the same command as in the command line. To skip the instrumented CPP files from the project. Include the following command by going to Project Properties-> C/C ->Command Line. Give the below command:

/NM@ “the path to the text file”.

In the text files please do specify the list of *.CPP files needs to be excluded with the below command:

 /NMIGNORE: “Name of the *.CPP File”
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