DriverAgent and Borland C Builder 4



Does Borland Builder 4 work with driver Agent?


Support for Borland C Builder 3 was added to Agent version 1.5.  Customers can use the following workarounds to use

Agent with Borland C Builder 4:

To build a kernel agent:

1> Open the .bpr file in the Borland C Builder 4 IDE.

2> Add the following declaration to the .cpp file:

unsigned long __turboFloat;

3> Select Build from the menu.

To create the proxy dll for the kernel agent:

1> Run Proxygen on the command line as indicated in the readme.txt with the

following command line argument added:


2> Open the generated project file (.bpr) in the Borland C Builder 4 IDE

and build it in the IDE.

3> Copy the resulting .dll and .lib to the applications folder.

This should allow customers to use Borland C Builder 4.

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