Remote debugging with XP SP2



Portions of DriverStudio/DriverSuite remote functionality are not working after installing XP Service pack 2


Windows XP Service Pack 2 is shipped with the Internet Connection Firewall turned on. This will prevent some remote functionality of DriverStudio from working unless the ICF is reconfigured to allow traffic through DriverStudio ports. This same problem can be noticed in networks where hardware firewalls are used.

Neither SoftICE nor Visual SoftICE are sensitive to the ICF settings, and will work with the ICF in any configuration. However, other DriverStudio components, such as the Namespace Extension, Target Selection Browsing, and Configuration Settings manipulation of remote machines, are all affected by the settings of the ICF. All the DriverWorkbench tools plugins (TrueTime, TrueCoverage, BoundsChecker, DriverMonitor) will be affected by the ICF settings, both when running under DriverWorkbench or when running inside VS.NET. The DriverStudio settings within VS.NET will also be impacted.



DriverStudio uses three TCP/IP ports, all of them on the UDP protocol. Port 0x5349 is the 'SI' port and it is used by SoftICE and Visual SoftICE. Other DriverStudio tools use port 0x4453 (the 'DS' port) and also port 0x9110. The user should enable those three ports in order for the DriverStudio remote functionality to work completely.

Configuring the Microsoft ICF (XP):


Go into the 'Network and Internet Connections' area of the machine's Control Panel and click on the 'Configure the Internet Connection Firewall'. If the user wants to leave the Internet Connection Firewall on, it is necessary to go into the 'Exceptions' tab and click on 'Add' to insert the three ports (21321 or 0x5349, 17491 or 0x4453, and 37136 or 0x9110, all on the UDP protocol.

Note: Because this same issue exists with hardware firewalls, enabling these same ports in the hardware firewall may be required as well.

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