Backing up and restoring the Client Server database



How can I automate the process of backing up my client server database?  If I need to restore from a backup, how do I accomplish this?


The FairCom server supports automatic backup of the database. The backup can be run by the system while it is carrying on normal activity and processing transactions, so it is transparent to the users. In order to have the system perform the backup periodically, you need to use the CTDUMP.EXE utility, and create a script file. The script file specifies when to perform the backup, at what interval to repeat it, and which files to include.

The script file consists of a series of instructions, each starting with a keyword and followed by a space and an argument. All keywords begin with an "!" and are not case sensitive. The order of the keywords does not matter, except that !FILES must be the next to last keyword and !END must be last.  Some of the keywords are:

!TIME is the time of day to perform the back up.  If the time has passed, then the !FREQ interval is applied to find the next scheduled time.

!FREQ is the hours between successive dumps.  For example, use 24 to repeat the dump once a day.

!DUMP is the name of the file where the backup will be stored.

!FILES are the names of the files to include in the dump.

!END terminates the instructions in the script file. It must be placed immediately after the !FILES keyword and the list of files.

An example of a sample script is given here:

!TIME 23:00:00


!FREQ 24


















This example would dump all the database .DAT files into a file called TR.BAK every night at 11pm (there is no need to back up any files with an .IDX extension since they can automatically be re-created by running the TrackRecord's rebuild utility).

Once you've created the script file, take the following steps to schedule the backup:

1) While the server is running, start the utility program CTDUMP.EXE.

2) Enter the password for ADMIN.

3) Enter the name of the dynamic dump script file.

The server then confirms that it has scheduled the requested dynamic dump.

To restore a backed up database, you would use the same script that you created for the backup and use it with CTRDUMP.EXE.  It will do exactly what CTDUMP did, except in reverse.  I.e, it will exctract the database from your backup file and overwrite your exisiting database, at a designated time.  Note that your existing database will be overwritten!   Do not attempt this operation unless you absolutely want to restore your database from a backup.

For more information on this process, please refer to the FairCom server manual.

NOTE: TrackRecord 4.x and below is no longer supported.

For more information on upgrading to the client/server version of TrackRecord, please contact Compuware sales at:  800-468-6342 or 603-578-8400 or via email at:

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