BoundsChecker and DirectDraw



Does BoundsChecker work with DirectDraw? My application appears to hang when run under BC.


Yes, BoundsChecker works with DirectDraw

Problem is, DirectX (via DirectDraw) seizes ALL video memory in the system to allow much faster writes to the screen. In doing so it makes it much more difficult for applications to write to the screen. When BC detects an error and attempts to pop up on it, DirectX has control of the video and we are unable to display our popup -- thus the system is not hung; DirectX is not allowing the dialog to display. Basically the invisible BC dialog is waiting for you to acknowledge the error though you can't because you can't see it. In BC in versions previous to version 6, you must disable "Report Errors Immediately" in BC Settings. You will not get error popups but this is the only way for it to work. Starting in BC 6, we detect the DirectDraw Create() calls so we disable error popups automatically.

Old KB# 12234
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