Service Pack 6 recommneded for Visual Studio 6



After installation the integration of the tools into Visual Studio 6 is missing.  What is the problem?


This issue pertains to version 7.2 of DevPartner Studio and BoundsChecker.

This is caused by a problem with the VisualStudio Service Pak. The installation requires at least Service Pack 3, but support recommends Service Pack 6.

To check which version you have installed, open up Visual Studio 6 and select the "help" menu from inside the IDE.  Look under "About" for an indication of (SP6) next to the 6.0 version number.

Customers experiencing this issue did not have SP 6 installed or only had it partially installed. The resolution is to update or re-install the VisualStudio 6.0 service pack or attempt a re-install of the product.

Old KB# 11279
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