Invalid Access to an Interrupt Vector



When BOUNDS-CHECKER loads, it write protects all

memory except for that data and stack areas of your program.  Any

writes outside of this space will result in a BOUNDS-CHECKER


This error message is displayed if your program attempts to do a

word operation at an odd-numbered address within the Interrupt

Vector area in low memory. Because the Interrupt Vectors are all

word data, any access to an odd-numbered address is questionable.

A word operation at an odd-numbered address, which spans two

separate words, is highly questionable.


Probable Causes:

- You have an uninitialized pointer.

- This is a legal access being made by your program

  Recommended Action:  Note what source line caused the error, exit

BOUNDS-CHECKER and find the cause. If this is indeed a legal

access being made by your program, you can rerun the program, and

when BOUNDS-CHECKER pops up, add an entry in the exception file

using the syntax:

   Add Access Procedure Location ( or Range ).

Old KB# 12307
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