Executables and or Modules outside of current project scope are included during profiling



Session file data has information that is not relevant to the current project/solution. Or, under "Modules & Files", the list indicates executables and modules that are being profiled during the session but may not be relevant or desired by the user.


During the first run with Error Detection, "Modules & Files" which is located in the DevPartner options will list all of the modules and executables that were loaded with the application's process space. After reviewing your session file, if you notice extra information that is not a part of your application, or additional "noise", you can exclude that information by deselecting any modules or files from within the list.

1. Go to "DevPartner>Options>Error Detection>Modules and Files"
2. Uncheck modules as necessary

*Note: After the exclusion of any extra modules, there may be noticeable gain in performance.

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