Manual install instructions for DevPartner Studio 9.x into Visual Studio 2005


This article explains how to manually install DevPartner Studio 9.0 in Visual Studio 2005.


DevPartner Studio Installer is not properly integrating the DevPartner Menus into Visual Studio 2005. Despite repairing the installation via the Add/Remove Programs utility and navigating to the "Component Selection" page to ensure that under the Visual Studio 2005 Support drop-down you have selected "This Feature, and all sub-features, will be installed on local hard drive.", the integration of the menus is still not successful.


Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Compuware\NMShared\DPVSIP and

regsvr32 /c /n /i:"8.0" nmpkg.dll

regsvr32 /c /n /i:"8.0" nmctislnExt.dll

regsvr32 /c /n /i:"DP\8.0" dpPkg.dll

Also run

%dirBC% should point to the install dir of BC usually C:\Program Files\Compuware (Or MicroFocus)\DevPartner Studio\BoundsChecker

regsvr32 /c %DirBC%\bcax.ocx

regsvr32 /c /n /i:"DP\8.0" %DirBC%\bcprj.dll

And for Analysis

C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\DevPartner Studio\Analysis

regsvr32 /c %DirBC%\bcax.ocx

regsvr32 /c /n /i:"DP\8.0" %DirBC%\DPAnalysisPkg.dll

Incident Number: 01 00000 25357

Old KB# 14763
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