Creating proper debug infomation for SoftICE



How do I create proper debug information in my image for use with SI


See pages 48-49 in the SI user's guide for your particular compiler.  MSVC users should be compiling with /Zi, Linking with /DEBUG /DEBUGTYPE:CV /PDBTYPE:CON

[1] Can you issue a TABLE cmd in SI to see your symbol table? If not, then your source has not been translated at all, or was never loaded.

[2] Can you issue a SYM command in SI? If not, your image does not contain symbolic information. See page 48-49 in the SI User's Guide.

[3] Can you issue a FILE * command in SI.  If not, you didn't have prompt for missing source files turned on, or your  image does not have LineNumeber information.  Consult your compiler's manuals for info on creating Line Number information.

[4] Can you issue a TYPES command in SI? If not, you're not using the /PDBTYPE:CON switch in the linker settings. If your compiler doesn't support this switch, then you'llnever see output from the TYPES command.  If you're not using MSVC > = 5.0 you can't view locals.

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