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Merging aspnet_wp.exe coverage with the rest of the coverage data I get an error indicating that this is a different executable.


By design, you cannot merge session files together from other processes.

However you can get a correlated session by using our Web Script utility.

1. Enable 'Coverage Analysis' from the 'DevPartner Configuration Utility' by going to 'Programs - 'Compuware DevPartner Studio' -> 'DevPartner Configuration Utility', or right click on its icon in the 'System Tray'. Make sure that you do not have the 'Disable Script Debugging' box checked.

NOTE: The 'Disable Script Debugging' property is located on the 'Advanced' properties tab of Internet Explorer's 'Tools' -> 'Internet Options' dialog.

2. Open the 'Web Script Coverage' utility by going to 'Start' -> 'Programs - 'Compuware DevPartner Studio' -> 'Utilities' -> 'Web Script Coverage'.

3. When you launch the 'Web Script Coverage' utility an instance of the 'Internet Explorer' will appear with the web page 'C:\Program Files\Compuware\DevPartner Studio\Analysis\CoverageWebScript.htm' loaded. This page loads our TTCore.dll and it injects itself into that instance of the 'Internet Explorer' process.

4. Using the same instance of the 'Internet Explorer', navigate to your page that uses your web service.

5. Perform any of the functions that will exercise the web service.

6. You should now have 3 'Coverage Analysis' recording controls; one for inetinfo.exe, another for iexplore.exe, and another for 'aspnet_wp.exe'.

7. Now using the recording control for the 'iexplore.exe' process take a Snapshot.

8. When the save dialog appears, instead of saving, click on the 'View' button.

9. What you should now have is an instance of the 'Coverage Analysis' program with 2 session files. One file is just for the 'iexplore.exe' process and another with both the 'iexplore.exe' and the 'aspnet_wp.exe' processes.

You can also manually 'Correlate' these files using the 'Coverage Analysis' ui by going to 'File' -> 'Correlate'.

Note: The term 'Correlate' in this case is used rather loosely. Basically the only 'Correlation' that you get is the code both processes that had been executed from the time you start the 'Web Scripting' utility to the time the 'Snapshot' was taken. You can clear the session after a snapshot, but you need to click the 'Clear' button on the recording control for both processes.

If you are looking to get finer details that connect the Threads between the 2 processes, you should try using our 'Analyze Distributed Applications' program.

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