Why Kernel Agents Fail to Load



My kernel agent won't load. It fails with Error: The requested object was not found.

Everything is defined correctly in the device manager, & the light switch is turned on.

Additionally, when I'm building on Win9x, my kernel agent has a .SYS file exention. Will this type of file run on Win9x?


All kernel agents have the .sys extension and are binary compatible across NT/9x. This is not the problem. The kernel agent is loaded by a call to DaOpenDevice in the application.

So the load is failing for a different reason. DriverMonitor or SoftICE should display traces messagges to help determine the cause for failure. If you are attempting to load in a way other than by the call to DaOpenDevice, this will not work and is not supported.

A common source of this problem could also be:

  1. The user did not build the kernel agent.
  2. The path of the kernel agent is incorrect - Double check in DeviceManager.Right click device and select properties. Select browse button next to kernel agent edit box and select the .sys file.
  3. Under 9x, a re-boot is necessary after adding/altering a device in DeviceManager.
  4. Under 9x, there have been reports of devices failing to load due to the kernel agent's file name exceeding 8 characters
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