SmartCheck does not catch errors before blue screen crashes



When running my application I get a Blue Screen crash, and must reboot.  When running it under SmartCheck, the error still occurs and I do not get any warning from SmartCheck.


Low-level OS crashes are often so serious that SmartCheck does not give any advance warning because it does not get the information before it happens.  However, it is possible to find out more about what may be causing the crash by looking at the stored log file.   Whenthe program crashes and you have rebooted, go to your temp directory, and rename the EV????.tmp file to EV????.sce.  Then load this into SmartCheck, and it will show you all the information it recorded up to the last event.  This may not be right up to crash, but it should be close.  You could look through this for any clues as to what is causing the crash.  Turning off the Suppress API calls option in the settings can also usually shed some more light.

Old KB# 11976
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