Ground Zero Cleanout Of DPSEE



How do I perform a complete CLEANUP of DPSEE on my system?


First, on the server machine backup the contents of C:\Program Files\Compuware\TrackRecord Server\Databases to a separate location.

Then do the following on the machine you would like to CLEANUP (Server/Client):

(1) Stop the Faircom Server and FlexLM License Server services in the Services control panel if they are running. Also, open Task Manager, and in the Processes tab, close any instances of NMDBINFO.exe that are running. Then go to Add/Remove Programs and check to see if you have any Compuware/DPSEE (NuMega) products remaining in this location.  If there are any listed try to see if you can uninstall any of them in this method.  If you cannot, leave them be.

(2) Next, via Windows Explorer, locate the parent folders/directories for Compuware and NuMega (you may not have a NuMega now) and delete the entire folder.

(3) Run REGEDIT to enter the Registry Editor.  Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE you will first find the Compuware folder.  Delete this.  Also, delete the FlexLM License Manager folder along with the NuMega folder, which are just down the tree from Compuware in alphabetical order.

Then, under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software delete the Compuware and NuMega folders there as well.

Exit Regedit.

(4) Make sure you have a copy of your permanent license.dat file and delete any other copies of your license.dat file from your system.

(5) Empty your Recycle Bin and reboot your system.

(6) After you are back up, attempt to install the License Manager from the DPSEE CD and install your permanent license.dat file.

Old KB# 11440
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