PDB files and SoftIce.



I tried to open a PDB file in SoftIce and I get an error indicating that the module is an unsupported type.

Why won't SoftIce open PDB files.


SoftIce does not open PDB files.

Instead you should open the binary file (sys, dll or exe) and then translate that file.

When you translate, the binary symbol loader will look for the correct debug info (pdb or dbg etc..) and make the appropriate NMS file with the information you need.

If by chance the debug info is not found you may want to move the debug info file (pdb or dbg etc..) to the same directory as the binary if it is not already.

Note: If translating the operating system debug info this information is still true however some additional steps may or may not be required for accurate information. See KB1468.

Old KB# 11596
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