Runtime Error, Program MSDEV.EXE, abnormal program termination



I have installed BC v.7.0 on my machine, and now whenever I try and run Visual Studio 6 I get the message "Runtime Error, Program MSDEV.EXE, abnormal program termination."


Search all local drives for BCAX.OCX. It should be in your BoundsChecker folder. If it is present, do a regsvr32 from the command line to register it manually, and reboot. If it is not present, copy it directly from your CD, regsvr32 it, then reboot.

In some cases, running regsvr32 on BCAX.OCX yields a message saying it can't find the module specified. If this happens, run DEPENDS on BCAX.OCX and see if any components are showing up missing. The modules in question should be in the Program Files\Common Files\Compuware

MShared directory, but may be getting put elsewhere for some reason. If you add the directory they are found in to your system-wide path directory (and reboot), you should be able to regsvr32 on BCAX.OCX correctly.

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