How to configure BoundsChecker to run on multiple dependent executables



I have an app which starts other executables as it needs them. I want to be able to run all my applications through BC as they are started. I have tried to have the app start these .exes with BC but they don't seem to run at all. BC starts and shutdown right away.

Is there a way for me to run multiple copies of BC at the same time working on multiple exes???


Yes. To do so refer to the readme file under "Image File Execution Options". This will allow you to specify BC to be the debugger that is spawned whenever an .exe is started. You can associate each .exe with BC (Be sure to make the debugger value less than 24 characters. THIS IS A LIMITATION OF NT--BC will simply not pop up if the path is longer). Reinstall to c:\bchecker if necessary.

BC will not see across processes. You will need to run separate copies for each .exe. Also, the Image File option (see the readme) WILL ONLY WORK IN NT 4.0 .

Old KB# 12210
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