Outline error: X is not a valid saved view



When opening an outline from within TrackRecord I get the error message:  "my outline.tro" is not a valid saved view.  I then get an access violation.  What does this mean?


This error will occur when the outline in question becomes corrupted and is unusable.  This can occur if the outline was open during an improper shut down of the TrackRecord client (such as during a workstation crash).

This error does not reflect a problem with the TrackRecord database.  By deleting the outline file, no data or queries will be lost.

To delete the outline from your local system, go to the TrackRecord working directory and delete the .TRO file.  It will be the name of your outline with a .TRO extension.  The outline can then be recreated via TrackRecord.

Old KB# 11405
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