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I have set up AutoAlert using MAPI for mail. I thought that I had the AutoAlert working  but it seems that the AutoAlert is not sending any alerts. I setup the mailbox and sent mail to it to activate it. I received the Test Message but the scheduled alerts are not being sent.


This issue usually results from some small error during configuration. Below are the most common trouble shooting techniques used to resolve this issue:

1. Make sure that the "AutoAlert" profile you created is one word and has two capital A's.

2. Go to Start> Settings> Controlpanel>(Admin tools if using OS Win2000)>Services. Double click on the TrackRecord AutoAlert Service. Click on the "Log On" tab and make sure that "This Account" is selected. In the "This Account" field Enter "Domain\User Name" of the person who created the AutoAlert profile. In the Password fields enter the password of the person who created the AutoAlert profile. (This would be the Domain name, User Name, and password of the person who created the AutoAlert profile, which they use to login to their system account.)  Once you have entered this information please click apply and close. Make sure to stop and restart the service to set these changes.

3.If you are using TrackRecord 6.0.2 and the above resolutions did not resolve your problem please try the following.

(Note: this does not apply to TrackRecord  version 6.1).

Go to Registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Compuware\TrackRecord AutoAlert here you will need to add two String values. Go to Edit

ew\String Value. For the first String Value  Name it 'Exchangeserver' (one word) then click on it and in the data/value field enter the name of the exchange server you are using. For the second string value go to Edit

ew\String Value name it 'Mailbox' then click on it and in the data/value field enter the mailbox alias that you are using.

4. If you have made any changes please reboot your system to reset these changes. Then logon to TrackRecord and create a new defect that meets the description of a query that is set to be polled by AutoAlert to verify that AutoAlert is working properly.

If these trouble shooting techniques did not resolve your issue please send technical support the most recent autoalert.log file at

Old KB# 11449
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