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These are questions about Bounds Checker for DOS and some commentary about various tools for Windows95.

The Situation:

My company has MS-DOS legacy "C" code being maintained/enhanced using Microsoft C 7.0 and RTLink 7.11.  We have an old license for BoundsChecker 2.11 (DOS).  Unfortunately, we have never been able to make Bounds Checker 2.XX work with any version of RTLink (have tried 5, 6, and 7) and/or MSC version 5, 7, or 8 (Note that "Microsoft C 8.0" is AKA "Visual C 1.50").

The last attempt to do so was made at least 18 months ago so I am a little hazy on exactly which problems occurred. Suffice to say that it

didn't happen.

The DOS Questions:

(1) Is there ANY combination of the three MSDOS products: BoundsCheeker, Microsoft C, and RTLink that will work?

(2) Assuming that at least one combination will work AT ALL, then if I restrict the choice of compiler and Linker to Microsoft C 7.00, and

RTLink 7.11, then is there a version of Bounds Checker known to work with said compiler/linker combo?

(2a) If I must, I can use version 8.0 of the compiler (AKA Visual C 1.5).  This would be a royal pain, but it could be done.

(2b) If I must, I can get a later version of RTLink (version 8). I'll have to buy it from PocketSoft but, hey, it's there.

The Windows 95 questions:

(1) If your products work with Borland's Delphi 3 then I don't have any questions.


We did some preliminary testing with RTLINK when we released BoundsChecker 2.11.  We tested with RTLINK version 7.0.  Unfortunately, there have been many customers that have had situations where BoundsChecker does not work with RTLINK.  There are known issues regarding the compatibility of BoundsChecker and RTLINK and no further testing or research is planned for this issue, unfortunately.

The manual talks a little bit about preparing an application that uses RTLINK.  See page 102 of the BoundsChecker manual.  Also see the readme.bc file in the BoundsChecker installation directory.

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