Real 3D Starfighter / Intel 740 chipset



Does SoftICE work with the Real 3D Starfigher video cards?  It uses the Intel 740 chipset.


SoftICE 3.22-3.23 can be used with the Real 3D Starfighter video card, which is based on the Intel 740 chipset.  However, you cannot use the SoftICE Universal Video Driver.

In order to use SoftICE, you need to be running the latest video drivers from the manufacturer, and from the SoftICE Display Adapter setup, select:

Manufacturer:  Chips and Technologies

Driver:  Chips and Technologies 65550

For both the AGP and the PCI versions of these cards, you must UNCHECK (or do not select) the Universal Video Driver (UVD). Once you reboot your system, you will be able to use SoftICE and it will appear in the full screen/text mode.

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