Toolbar and/or menubar does not appear in Visual/DevStudio



I've installed BoundsChecker 5.03 onto my system and the toolbar and/or menubar does not appear in my Visual Studio or my DevPartner Studio.  During setup, I indicated that I wanted BoundsChecker to integrate with these applications (IDE).  How do I get them to appear?


Sometimes, BoundsChecker is unable to automatically add in its toolbar and/or menubar to Visual/DevStudio, if the toolbasr and/or menubars have been customized.

If after installing BoundsChecker 5.0x, your BoundsChecker toolbar or menubar does not appear within Visual/DevStudio, please do the following:

1.  Start Visual/DevStudio

2.  To reset the menubars, go to TOOLS | CUSTOMIZE | COMMANDS and press the "Reset All Menus" button.

3.  To reset the toolbars, go to TOOLS | CUSTOMIZE | TOOLBARS and press the "Reset All" button.

4.  Press the "Close" button.  At this time, your BoundsChecker tool/menubars will appear within Visual/DevStudio.

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