Profiling multiple processes using TrueCoverage



How can I use TrueCoverage to collect coverage data for a client/server application that consists of two executables?


TrueCoverage can handle this easily because it gathers coverage data when you run instrumented applications inside or outside of TrueCoverage. Complete the following steps to gather coverage data for a client/server application.

1). Open the server project in Visual C .

2).Instrument the server project, but do not run the server.

3). Open the client project in Visual C .

4).Instrument the client project.

5). Run the client application. When the client starts the server, TrueCoverage displays an icon in the task bar indicating that the server is running and TrueCoverage is collecting session data.

6). When the server unloads, TrueCoverage asks you to save the server session file.

7). When you quit the client, TrueCoverage displays the session data for the client session. You can open the server session file to view the session data for both components simultaneously.

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