How To Resolve DevPartner Injector Errors



Erroneous Injector errors occur when profiling under Error Detection. 



1. Close all running instances of Visual Studio

2.  Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Micro Focus\NMShared\Injector\2.xx (See fig 1)

fig 1.

3. Click on InjectorMonitor.exe

4. If the "Driver" is not started, start the Driver.  Your driver is not started if the button is not "grayed out".  In the image below, the driver is already started (See fig 2) 

fig 2.

5. Click Add Sample Entries (See fig 3) 

fig 3.

6. Click Test injection

At this point Notepad should appear with a dialog box from the InjectorMonitor stating that injection was successful (See fig 4)

fig 4.


7. Restart Visual Studio and try to instrument your application again.

8. If errors still occur with injection, open a Support ticket and provide screen shots of the error and a build log.

Note: If the injector was not installed (button not grayed out) and you installed the driver as a result of step 3.  Your registry will now contain the valid information required for the injector driver to execute.


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