Optimized code and BoundsChecker



BC appears to run other applications successfully, but when running this particular app it crashes in BCCORE.DLL.  This happens in both the IDE and stand-alone modes.

When re-building with FinalCheck instrumentation, the following appears in the output window:

    BoundsChecker instrumentation of xxx.CPP starting...

    error NM2002: inline expansion (/Ob) used during instrumentation

    BoundsChecker instrumentation of xxx.CPP failed.

    Error executing cl.exe.


The compiler switch ( /Ob ) could not be used with BoundsChecker FinalCheck.   BoundsChecker can not run properly on code that has inline expansion enabled. Please make sure to compile your app with all optimizations disabled ( command line compile option /Od -- it's the default for a debug build ).  To find this option in the development environment, click Settings on the Project menu, then click the C/C tab and click Optimizations in the Category box.

Old KB# 12209
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