No Symbols Displayed



Kernel-mode driver loads properly and hits my breakpoint, but does not display any symbols. My build process works without error


Try the following:

First, here is a link to osinfo.dat, rename the file you download to osinfo.dat then replace the one currently on your machine and reboot.

for 3.1 and earlier Driver Studio:

for 3.2 Driver Studio, install patch 3.2.1:

If there are any problems after this, here is a trick that should alleviate them:

The symbol trick as it is called gives SoftICE a change to dynamically calculate some of its hooks. The steps are as follows.

  1. Create a correct NMS file for ntoskrnl. See "Translating system files" below.
  2. Place the NTSYMBOLS=ON keyword on a separate line in winice.dat.
  3. Add the symbols to the list of symbols to load at start. See "Adding files to start" below.

That should solve nearly even problem encountered with a hot fix or service pack.

Old KB# 11107
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