AutoAlert and MS Outlook Express



I have installed AutoAlert on my server and I'm getting an error message pertaining to MAPI.  I'm using MS Outlook Express.


In order to run AutoAlert on your NT workstation running MS Outlook Express, you need to make Outlook Express the default Simple MAPI client (even if it is the only email client installed on the system).  Please do the following:

1.  If installed, shut down AutoAlert

2.  Start MS Outlook Express

3.  From the menubar, go to TOOLS | OPTIONS

4.  From the General tab, check the following check boxes:

- Make Outlook Express my default e-mail program

- Make Outlook Express my default Simple MAPI client

5.  Hit OK.  Shut down and then restart Outlook Express

6.  Restart AutoAlert.

AutoAlert will now be able to use Outlook Express as the MAPI email client.

Old KB# 11409
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