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How do I run Finalcheck from the command line?


Compiling from the command line is pretty easy.  If the help (from the infoview:Checking A program with FinalCheck then Running FC from the Command Line) isn't enough  you can read on.  First make certain that you have a valid .mak file, and your dos box has the correct version of the compile set up.  Once you do, and you've covered your bases vis-a-vis the readmevc.txt and environmental settings, run nmake /fYour.mak CPP=NMCL LINK32=NMLINK CFG="WIN 32 Debug" (or some valid debug build.  Note: you don't have to do this if your default CFG is a debug build.).  You'll see the echo 'Instrumentation of ... starting' echoed to the cout.  If you want to you can also create a custom configuration, and manually edit the .mak file and change the environmental settings to NMCL and CL.

FinalCheck works with VC 4.xx, VC 5.xx, and VC 6.xx.

Old KB# 12189
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