Manual release for licenses in DevPartner Studio



Is there a way to manually release a license in a concurrent environment for DevPartner Studio, other than having to close out the Visual Studio IDE?


Currently, there is no option to manually release a license while keeping the Visual Studio session open.

The licensing module for DevPartner Studio was designed to release a license when the Visual Studio IDE was closed for several reasons.

These include:

  1. DevPartner Studio is tightly integrated into the Visual Studio environment, and this makes it difficult to determine when features of Visual Studio stop and those of DevPartner begin.

    The upside to this is that this makes the DevPartner tools very easy to use for anyone that is familiar with Visual Studio.

  2. Another reason, is that it is difficult to know the exact point in time when a user has finished using a DevPartner Studio feature once they have started.
  3. There is also the issue of consistency. The DevParnter tools can be invoked in different ways and have different patterns of use. As it is necessary to support multiple IDEs and different levels of customer builds and test automation, the model we use must be as consistent as possible across all of the scenarios to simplify customer understanding and technical support requirements.

Given our usage model and our desire to keep things consistent, it was decided to proceed with the model that is currently in use. Once the DevPartner tools are invoked, the license for that Visual Studio session is valid until the IDE is closed.

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