Using BoundsChecker 6.x with Delphi 4.0



BoundsChecker does not seem to be detecting any errors in my program or in the sample BoundsChecker BugBenchD program.  What steps should I take to get this to work properly? What are the proper configurations and settings to use BoundsChecker with Delphi 4.0?


Things to keep in mind when using BoundsChecker 6.x and Delphi 4.0 and its latest updates:

Angel Installation sequence.  Installation sequence should basically be as follows:

  1. Delphi 4.0

  2  Update # 2 (or other updates) for Delphi 4.0.

  3. BoundsChecker 6.x

Beer  Rebuilding the BugBench project.  Use the following general settings to rebuild the BugBench project:

(Delphi 4.02)   Project | Options :

1. Compiler tab.

    Code Generation section:

      Optimization: OFF

      Aligned record fields: ON

      Stack Frames: ON

      Pentium-safe FDIV: OFF

  Runtime errors section:

    Range checking: OFF

    I/O checking: ON

    Overflow checking: OFF

  Debugging section:

    Debugging information: ON

    Local symbols: ON

    Reference info(Y): ON

          Definitions only: ON

    Assertions: ON

2. Linker tab.

  EXE and DLL section:

    Generate console application: OFF

    Include TD32 debug info: ON

  Linker output section:

    Generate DCU's: ON

Coffee Library Settings. You need to use libraries with stack information included:

Your Library Path (Tools | Environment Options, Library tab) should have this added to the beginning of it:


Drinks  BoundsChecker Settings.  You should first try with the Maximum settings in BoundsChecker:

1  Navigate to the BoundsChecker | Settings dialog.

2. Choose 'Maximum' for the error detection scheme.

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