Created On:  19 October 2010


When attempting to build native code with instrumentation, you may encounter a LNK1276 error similar to the following:

fatal error LNK1276: invalid directive 'Focus\NMShared\CTI\10.0\\bcinterf_x86.lib' found; does not start with '/'

Use the following command to confirm a linking error is the issue.

fsutil behavior query disable8dot3 c:

This assumes that the \Program Files\Common Files\Micro Focus\ . . . directory is on C.  If the result is that 8dot3 name creation is diabled, a linking issue is likely.


Note: This issue is fixed in DevPartner Studio 10.5 or later.

Download the file at

After downloading, replace the entire contents of the \Program Files\Common Files\Micro Focus\NMShared\CTI\10.0 folder with the contents of the .zip file.
Incident #2475678