BoundsChecker 6.x not integrated with VC 6.0



The Visual C Integration does not work. There is no BoundsChecker toolbar or menu visible.  MSVC Tools | Customize | Commands (and Toolbars) tab doesn't show any BoundsChecker items


Are you running Insure ? BoundsChecker and Insure are not compatible. To use BoundsChecker you will have to completely uninstall Insure , making sure that any .pkg files they installed are removed or renamed. (The vast majority of cases involves finding the file left behind by Insure . It is generally in the directory where your DevStudio PKG files are kept-- see below.)

In order to integrate with the VC 6.0 IDE, BoundsChecker must install devbcp6.pkg to the Microsoft Visual Studio\Common\MSDev98\Bin\IDE directory (or whatever maps to this on your installation.) Do a search and make sure it is there. If it's not, move it there. (If you're unsure of which directory it should be in, be sure to place it in the directory that contains many other PKG files provided automatically with Visual Studio.)

If you can't find devbcp6.pkg (devbcpx.pkg for VC4 and VC5) anywhere on your system, the BoundsChecker installation may not have been able to detect VC 6.0. To confirm this, uninstall BoundsChecker, clean your TEMP directory and reinstall. In the 'Select Components' window, is the "Visual C 6.x IDE Integration" item in the 'Components' list? If it is, make sure it is CHECKED and continue with the installation.

If it's not listed, it means the install couldn't find VC 6.0. Cancel the installation.

Check your registry and make sure the following keys are set to the correct directories:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DevStudio\6.0\Products\Microsoft Visual C \ProductDir


If they are not, fix, then restart the BoundsChecker installation. You should now see the "Visual C 6.x IDE Integration" item in the 'Components' list.

If you are missing the keys, there's something wrong with your VC 6.0 installation. You should reinstall it, then try the BoundsChecker installation again.

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