Standard Instrumentation vs. Light Instrumentation



What kind of Instrumentation is right for my project?


Standard instrumentation is recommended for most applications.  FailSafe will add two modules to your project, FailSafe.BAS and FailSafe.FRM.   You program will then be equipped for error handling and data capture by making calls to methods contained in FailSafe.BAS.  FailSafe.FRM defines the error interceptor display that FailSafe uses to report error information during program execution.  You can have FailSafe report errors by displaying some or all of the information panes in the Error Interceptor display and/or write error information to a log file.

Light instrumentation is recommended for components such as OLE servers and ActiveX controls.  FailSafe will add just one module, FSLite.BAS and equips your code for error handling by making calls to the methods contained in FSLite.BAS.  FSLite.BAS contains much fewer methods and properties than FailSafe.BAS and offers a way to incorporate some basic functions into your code, without incurring the overhead of the full FailSafe.BAS program.  When using FSLite.BAS, you must insert additional code into your program to implement error handling.  You can have FailSafe Lite report errors to the user by displaying a simple alert dialog and/or writing to a log file.

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