Debugging an ActiveX Exe



I have an Activex Exe written in VB that runs in its own process under Excel's main process. How can I use SmartCheck as it's debugger?


SmartCheck automatically detects errors in your program executable and any in-process servers (i.e., any DLLs). However, since SmartCheck only sees one process, it cannot automatically check out-of-process servers.

For example, if Microsoft Word or Excel launches an instance of your ActiveX Exe, SmartCheck detects errors in Microsoft Word and Excel, but does not check for errors in your ActiveX Exe.

To detect errors in out-of-process servers like an ActiveX Exe started by another program, start multiple, concurrent SmartCheck sessions, one for each EXE to be checked, and one for the main program, using these steps:

1. Start a stand-alone SmartCheck session.

2. Open the out-of-process, executable file to be checked.

3. On the Program menu, select Settings, and click the Program Info tab.

4. At Command-line options, type: -embedding

5. Repeat steps 1 - 4 for each out-of-process server to be checked.

6. Open the main program in SmartCheck, and start running and testing it as you normally would.

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