How to install just the 8.0 license service on Windows



Can you tell me how to install just the license service for 8.0 to a Windows machine once I have the license?


This article applies to version 8.0 of DevPartner Studio Professional Edition and DevPartner for Visual C BoundsChecker Suite.

If you are installing DevPartner Studio 8.0 Concurrent License to a windows server the following applies.

You then need to load the installation CD on to the server you choose to run the license from.

Right click on the cd icon and choose Explore.

Look for a directory similar to ...\LicMgr\Win32.

Open the setup.exe file this should install the service.

Now navigate to a directory on your server similar to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Compuware. Now open the "license" folder and drop in the license.xml file that License Management already sent you. While you are still at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Compuware click on the big blue marble called cpwr.exe. If the service is running you will be asked if you want to turn it off. You can also check the system tray for the blue marble with the backwards looking E.

If you open the server's License Administration Utility you will now see a "server environment" tab. Now you can point the client machines to the server from their LAUs.

Old KB# 11204
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