BoundsChecker conflicts with Hebrew enabled-OS.



I installed BoundsChecker and it seems to run OK as a stand-alone program.

When I load Visual Studio I get an error from the BoundsChecker that causes

the whole program to terminate. The error is: MSDEV.exe the instruction at

"0xffffffff" referenced memory at "0xffffffff". The memory could not be "read".

Are you familiar with such problems that the BoundsChecker generates when

working with Visual Studio 6 on Hebrew-enabled NT machines?


BoundsChecker v6.x has not been designed with or tested on Windows systems with Hebrew support.  At this time, these products are not supported on an environment with Hebrew language support.

We've run into a few cases with a specific problem with Hebrew enabled OS's, and we're currently working on this conflict for a possible future release. In the cases we've run into previously, there was no workaround for this, though it only appears to be a major problem in the evaluation versions.

Old KB# 12254
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