User objects are excluded from DPJ profiled code



Why do some user objects appear to be excluded from my profiled code?


In DevPartner Java Memory analysis, you might find that some classes instantiated by methods included in your profiled code are not counted in your user instance count, but appear only in the total instance count. This can occur when a class is instantiated by a container such as a browser, plug-in, or application server, instead of being directly instantiated by your profiled code.

For example, if you have an applet running in a plug-in and the plug-in instantiates a class in order to display the applet, that instance will not be counted as user code, even if the method that instantiates the class is part of your profiled code. The instance is not counted as user code because the plug-in called the method in your profiled code to instantiate the class, instead of your profiled code calling the method.

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