Getting no events in my .BCE file when trying to profile an ISAPI extenstion



I'm trying to profile an ISAPI dll and it doesn't seem to work. I Get no events other than thread startup.


You probably need to change the security settings for IIS. By default, they are set high enough so that BoundsChecker cannot gather the information it needs to properly track your program.

Note: Disconnect any machine you wish to try this on from the internet.

Changing these settings creates a large security hole and we strongly recommend that you not do so on any "live" machine.

  1. Go into Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management.
  2. In the "Services and Applications" tree, hightlight "Internet Information Service" .
  3. Right-click on "Web Sites" and select "Properties".
  4. On the "Home Directory" Tab, change the "Execute Permissions" combo box to "Scripts and Executables" .
  5. "Application Protection" should also be changed to "Low(IIS)" if possible. (If not possible, contact your IT department).

Now re-run the process, and BoundsChecker should be working.

Old KB# 11042
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