Using DPJ to profile Tomcat from Eclipse



Can I use DPJ to profile Tomcat from Eclipse?


DPJ IDE integration tool does not implement a toolbar entry for launching and profiling Tomcat under Eclipse. There may be a(unsupported, and untested excepted as noted below) workaround that might work.

Download a Tomcat plugin for Eclipse 3.0.

One possibility is the Sysdeo Eclipse Tomcat Launcher downloaded from

Unzip and copy the extracted directory into your eclipse plugins directory. Under Window/Perferences/Tomcat/JVMSettings, add the follow string in the 'Append to JVM Parameters':


Notes: NM_ANALYSIS_TYPE= memory/performance/coverage

NM_CONFIG_NAME =default or any specific configuration file you will use.

The only testing done with this method was to start Tomcat 5.0 under Eclipse 3.0.1 and run a quick performance profile. Note that stopping tomcat from the Eclipse menu may bring up a second instance of DPJ. Also, if Tomcat has been configured as an Application Server under DPJ, the server will not show up as started under 'Application Server Testing'. Other than that there has been no testing of this procedure.

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