The Keyboard doesn't work on Windows 2000



My keyboard doesn't work on Windows 2000.  What can I do?


Because of the intricate patching necessary, new builds of Windows 2000 break this feature.  If you are using an older version of SoftIce, Windows 2000 keyboard support will most likely break.

If you are using SoftIce 4.x:

SoftIce 4.05 will allow the keyboard to work on the release version of Windows 2000 (build 2195).  It can be downloaded from the updates section of our web page, and is included as part of Driver Studio 1.5, or SoftIce Driver Suite 1.5.

If you are using SoftIce 3.2x:

SI 3.25 is not compatible with builds of Windows 2000 greater than 1946.

We have made available interim builds of SoftICE 3.25 components to be used with newer builds of W2K.  This product is offered to you AS IS.  Please note that this version of SI has not been thoroughly tested and is provided as a convenience.  NOTE: Make sure you have SoftICE version 3.25 which you can download from our website on the updates page, install the ntice.sys driver and the i8042prt.sys keyboard driver made for your currently installed build of W2K (use the 2031 version if you are on a later build)  and follow the instructions in the ReadMe file regarding Windows 2000.  Note:  for W2K 2072 RC1 and above, you will need to boot to safe mode or use a boot floppy to replace the keyboard driver.  This is due to recent changes Microsoft implemented in driver locking.

To download point your browser at

For information on upgrading to DriverStudio with SoftICE 4.0, contact Compuware Sales at or 800-468-6342.

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