Created On:  19 January 2012


Standalone Error Detection in DevPartner Studio VC are not able to load 'spoolsv.exe' on 64 bit Windows. There are "Some special" System files in 64 BIT Windows will not show up in the dialog box and ‘spoolsv.exe’ is one of them.


Here are the steps to get past this limitation:


Step 1:

Change 'TrustedInstaller' to 'Administrator' Or 'User' of 'spoolsv.exe'

·       From Start | Search and type ‘services.msc

·       Go to Print Spooler and Stop the service if it is running

·       Browse through the following folder for 'spoolsv.exe'

o   C:\Windows\System32\

·       Select 'spoolsv.exe' | Right Click | Hit Properties

·       From Properties dialog box hit Security Tab | Advanced

·       From Advanced Security Settings for spoolsv | Hit Owner | Hit Edit button

·       Select USER (MachineName\Users)

·       Hit 'Apply' button | Hit OK button

·       Again Hit OK button

·       Hit OK button


Step 2:

Drag and Drop

·       Launch your Error Detection

·       Open Windows Explorer and ‘Drag and Drop'spoolsv.exe’ into the ‘Error Detection’ window and you can launch it then.


Please note, although there is a way to load spoolsv.exe in Error Detection however, were not able to test possible real scenarios. Therefore, 10.5.xx may or may not work for this particular use case - even though when user can load up the ‘spoolsv.exe’ executable. There may be a permission limitation that will prevent user this from being checked. Obviously, there are other things that user can do with Error Detection but, this particular use case may not be possible.
Incident #2554998