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Unsupported Compiler Version when starting BoundsChecker


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This article pertains to all BoundsChecker versions since 6.0.

This error implies that your version of BoundsChecker is too old for the service pak you are running. Versions of BoundsChecker prior to 6.5 do not support service pack 4 for Microsoft Visual C 6.

For BoundsChecker 6.x and VC 6 Service Pack. the following matching should work:

BoundsChecker version Visual Studio C & Service pack

BC 6.0/6.2 ~~ VC 6.0 SP3

BC 6.5 ~~ VC 6.0 SP4

BC 6.6 ~~ VC 6.0 SP5

BC 7.X ~~ VC 6.0 SP5

BC 8.0 ~~ VC 6.0 SP5

To verify your installed Service Pak check the following Registry key:

<CODE>HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\VisualStudio\6.0\ServicePacks </CODE></TD></TR><TR><TD>


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