SoftIce video problems when running PCAnywhere



I cannot get SoftIce to work on NT.  The following are the problems.

With the universal video adapter check-box selected in the SoftIce setup screen the system crashes with a blue screen NT dump.

With the universal video adapter box NOT selected but using the correct video driver,  SoftIce will load but there is NO display (a black screen when I pop into SoftIce).  I can press "X" to return and get back to windows but there is no SoftIce display.

With the standard VGA adapter and the universal video adapter selected the system freezes when loading SoftIce.

With the universal video adapter not selected and Standard VGA, SoftIce again loads but no display.

I have PCAnywhere32 8.0 installed.


If the device "awhost" is loaded automatically (default when PCAnywhere is installed) it causes problems with the universal driver.  Change this device to load manually (or disable it all together) and SoftIce will function correctly.

Old KB# 11732
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