Created On:  13 October 2010


I am unable to run any of the analysis tools (Performance Analysis, Coverage Analysis, Performance Expert) via the command line.


Running the below steps will help to determine whether or not the appropriate driver not being installed is the cause for the analysis tools not working.

1. Ensure that the customer has administrative privileges to the directory that the application(s) reside in.

2. Have the customer run the QuantumTest utility located here:

C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Micro Focus\NMShared\Quantum\XX.X\QuantumTest   (XX.X is the version number which will vary depending on the version of DevPartner installed)

When the utility appears, have the customer place mouse focus in the left window (titled "Double click test to perform") and press F5 to reveal a new set of instruction.  Next follow these steps:

a. Double-click "Remove and stop driver"
b. Click the Browse button and navigate/select the driver QuantumDriver.sys found here:

C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Micro Focus\NMShared\Quantum\XX.X

c. Double-click "Install and start driver"

3. Upon completion, please give the appropriate Analysis tool another try.
Incident #2434707