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I have upgraded from TrueTime v1.1x  to a later version of TrueTime, and I used to like the way that TrueTime would place all of the files from an instrumented build into a TrueTime folder, leaving my normal Debug and Release builds in their own individual directories.  Is there a way of doing this in the current version?


One of the major UI differences between TT1.2 and beyond is the 'Use TrueTime build directories' option is OFF by default.  This means that the files for the instrumented build will be placed into your Debug or Release directories instead of the separate TrueTime directory.  We did this in response to some difficulties that complex build configurations had with the redirection of the output files.  If you wish to turn this back on, you can do so from VC -- select TrueTime | TrueTime Options, check this option and click OK.

Another way to ensure you can easily tell whether or not you are building an instrumented or uninstrumented project is to create separate TrueTime Debug and Release build configurations.  The following instructions detail how to do this for a project's Debug configuration, you will need to repeat these with the Release configuration as well.

a) in VC go to Build | Configurations.

b) Click on the Win32 Debug build configuration and click Add.  Add a separate 'TrueTime Debug' build configuration copying the settings from your 'Win32 Debug' build configuration.

c) Click OK and then switch to this configuration every time you wish to do a debug TrueTime build.

d) Repeat steps a-c with your 'Win32 Release' configuration to make a 'TrueTime Release' configuration.

NOTE: This will ONLY work if the 'Use TrueTime output directories' option is NOT turned on.  Otherwise all output files from any instrumented build will be placed in the TrueTime directory regardless of the active configuration.

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