Instrumenting applications inside the VB IDE?



Do I always have to instrument and run my application from the Visual C or Visual Basic Integrated Development Environment (IDE)?


Not necessarily.  You can instrument and run your application outside the IDE too.  Please refer to the  help file for how to instrument your application from the  command line.

After you instrument your application with TrueCoverage,  you can run it outside of TrueCoverage and still gather coverage data. When you start your instrumented application from Windows Explorer or from a command prompt, TrueCoverage displays an icon in your task bar to indicate that it is collecting coverage data. You can take a snapshot at any instance when your application is still running.  When your application terminates, TrueCoverage prompts you to save the coverage data or view it in TrueCoverage.


1). If you change your application, you must re-instrument to gather coverage data for the updated application.

2). For better results,  we would like to suggest that our VB customers instrument VB projects from the command line.

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