Fatal Error 2343 during an installation



During installation I get an error 2343.  What do I do?


This article pertains to versions 7.2 and 8.0 of DevPartner Studio and BoundsChecker in conjunction with Visual Studio 6.

This is normally due to an incorrect or missing VisualStudio path/value in registry key:


Here is the workaround to resolve this issue:

Check the following registry key:


verify that the value "VsCommonDir" is set to the correct path. This key is used by the installer to find the VS6 directory

Also check that these paths are correct in the target machines environment variables:

Under User Variables:

--MSDEVDIR path to vs6 dir\Microsoft Visual Studio\Common\MSDev98

--MSVCDIR path to vs6 dir\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98

--PATH path to vs6 dir\Microsoft Visual Studio\Common\MSDev98\BIN

If the registry key is missing, consider a repair/reinstall of Visual Studio, as other registry keys may have also been overwritten or deleted. We are unsure why or how these keys get modified, but if this proves to be the case, any system information you can provide would help us track down the cause (OS, other applications installed, how vas was installed). Please send it to Technical Support.

If this does not resolve the issue please contact Technical Support.

Old KB# 11380
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