Created On:  2010-01-09


If an existing instance of Visual Studio has PurifyPlus installed and DevPartner Studio is installed, the behavior of PurifyPlus in the IDE’s menu is unpredictable.  Some customers have reported that the PurifyPlus menu is completely disabled while other customers have had an additional “PurifyPlus” menu option added which is disabled so they end up with two main menu items for PurifyPlus one of which is disabled.



If you see this issue, as a workaround, you can uninstall PurifyPlus and reinstall it.

Development is aware of this issue and they are researching the cause of the behavior. 

Please note: while PurifyPlus and DevPartner can coexist in the same IDE, attempting to run both applications at the same time on the same set of code will lead to unpredictable behavior.