Created On:  14 October 2010



DPS 9.1: Code Review Custom Rule [Design Time Property]-[Project]-[Assembly Name] does not work.

How to reproduce:
1.Create the following new rule with Code Review Rule Manager.
    Type: Design Time Property
    (Under the trigger tab, click the ADD button)
    Type: Design Time Property
    Object: Project
    Property: Assembly Name
    Operator: Equal To
    Value: ConsoleApplication2
2.Create a solution ConsoleApplication2 with Visual Studio and include a project ConsoleApplication2.
3.Set [All Rules] in Code Review Option
4.Perform Code Review. The rule is not fired.
5.Even if you set [Not Equal To] as operator in step #1, the rule is not fired.


Two solutions exist:

1. Work-around, have them follow these steps:
- Edit the CRRules.dpmdb file in MS Access.
- Open the Triggers table and locate the new trigger added for the new rule (should be the last trigger in the table).
- Change the value in the ItemName column from "Assembly Name" to "AssemblyName"

2. Upgrade to DevPartner version 10.0 and later.
Incident #2452828