Migrating DevPartner Code Review 7.X Custom Rules to version 7.2



How to migrate my existing CodeReview 7.0/7.1 rules database to 7.2?


If you have a previous version of DevPartner Studio Version 7.0 or 7.1, you need to migrate your custom rules and user preferences database files to the DevPartner Studio 7.2. This ensures that your changes are not lost during the upgrade. DevPartner provides two utilities that automate this migration process:

cr7updaterules.exe: Migrates existing 7.0/7.1 rules into the 7.2 rules database

Note: The utilities, described above, do not migrate rules or user preferences from the Visual basic 6 environment to the .NET environment. If you attempt to migrate Visual Basic 6 code review rules and preferences databases, DevPartner will display a message stating that it cannot do so because of incompatibility. A separate alert message will appear for the rules or preferences database.

Prior to the Migration

1. Copy the existing CR7Rules.dpmdb and CR7Prefs.dpmdb files to another location for safe-keeping before you uninstall DevPartner.

By default, the files are located at \Program Files\Compuware\DevPartner Studio\CodeReview7. These backup copies will be used in the migration steps below.

2. Uninstall the previous version of DevPartner Studio (7.0.x).

3. Install DevPartner Studio 7.2.

4. Copy the new CR7Rules.dpmdb and CR7Prefs.dpmdb files to a location other than the one used in step 1.

Migrating the Rules Database

1. Start a DOS session from the console window.

2. At the DOS prompt, change to the directory where you installed Dev-Partner.

By default, DevPartner is installed at \Program Files\Compuware\DevPartner Studio\CodeReview7. This directory also includes the migration utility.

3. From that directory, enter the command: cr7updaterules. This command generates a Usage message. For example:

Usage: cr7updaterules [Path to the 7.0 version of the rules database]

For example: cr7updaterules C:\MyOldRulesDb\CR7Rules.dpmdb

The command string you use must point to the location of the rules database file being migrated.

4. Enter the appropriate command. For example:

cr7updaterules 'C:\Program Files\Compuware\DevPartner studio\CodeReview7\Backup\CR7Rules.dpmdb'

The command should be entered as a single line.

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